What happens if it rains?

In the event of massive rain or lightning storm, Top Taco will be moved to Friday, March 16th at the same time and location.

When and where is it held?

When: Thursday, March 15th

Where: Woldenberg Park 1 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

How do I get to TOP TACO NOLA?

We highly suggest you take Uber or Lyft. Discounted parking is available at the Harrah’s Casino Self-Parking Garage.

I lost/forgot my ticket, what do I do?

You can log-in to your events.com ticketing page and download a new ticket or send an email to have a new ticket sent to your email box.

What if I bought a Groupon Voucher?

Your Groupon Voucher is not a ticket, please make sure you go to www.toptaconola.com and purchase a ticket using your voucher #. -The code you need to reference is the Voucher code -This needs to be entered on the events.com / Top Taco website / checkout widget -After clicking buy tickets, buyers need to click the “Have an access key” link. -Then input the voucher code for a free ticket

What should I bring to the Festival?

It is never a bad idea to bring a rain jacket of some sort depending on the weather report.  New Orleans in the Spring means varied weather.

The following items are prohibited

Weapons of any kind
Illegal substances
Squirt guns, misters, spray bottles, etc
Laser pens and similar focused-light devices
Bicycles, scooters, personal motorized vehicles (bike parking will be available)
Musical instruments
Fake IDs – they will be confiscated and your wristband will be cut without refund.
No outside food or drink

Is the Festival accessible to people with disabilities?


Will there be water and non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes!  We will have water stations in various locations, clearly marked, around the festival

Are kids allowed?

No. This is an over 21 year old event.  Please leave your children at home.  We aren’t afraid they will drink, we just don’t want them in the vicinity of adults who are drinking.

How can I apply for press credentials?

Email Lauren Busch

How can my company become a Sponsor?
How do I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not permitted in TOP TACO NOLA . Service/working animals are not considered pets and are exempt from this policy.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only

Can we check in before the event?

There may be a VIP check-in at Harrah’s Casino. Stay tuned for updates.

Is there an after party?

Yes. The official Top Taco after party is at Masquerade Bar in the Harrah’s Casino.

Can you tell us more about the charity?
One Heart NOLA is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to helping foster children in and around the New Orleans area. The goal of Top Taco is to raise over $100,000 for this worthy charity. A silent auction will be held at the event and open to bidding from anywhere around the country. If you want to donate directly to One Heart NOLA, please visit their website.
How do I volunteer for Top Taco?

Carlotta Duhe is coordinating all volunteer efforts on behalf of One Heart Nola. Please email Carlotta Duhe for more information.

Where should I send PR Credentials?